‘Twas the eve of the new year – 2020 Year in review


‘Twas the eve of the new year and all across this land
2020 had changed every women, child and man
Auld Lang Syne will be sung for family to hear
as we meet over zoom to bring in the new year.

This year brought sadness and just needs to go
but more happened than just COVID you know.
We need to speak “Moistly” trended before May
Kobe’s chopper crash we thought was a really bad day.

Murder hornets came here from the far east
a threat to our native and smaller honey bee.
A Loon vs. Bald Eagle back in the spring
the Loon won the battle, that was a cool thing.

Out in the boonies monoliths appeared
with no explanation of why they are here.
SpaceX used a Dragon to bring NASA fame
Elon Musk had a baby with a really weird name.

Asteroids and Meteors brought their show
Although we couldn’t gather to watch from below
words we didn’t recognize started to appear.
with them brought a new world of fear.

It started with reports of people getting sick
In China and Asia but came here quite quick.
More rapid than anything it had a new name
With it Coronovirus changed our world when it came.

wear mask, wash hands, stay home, social distance
No travel, no gatherings, COVID-19 assistance.
The virus took over and carried on past the Fall
It still wasn’t the only news brought to us all.

Those to the south saw record hurricanes fly.
Tornado’s and flooding wreaked havoc from the sky.
BLM, George Floyd brought social justice to light
Protests and anger over a decades long fight.

Canadians killed as an explosion rocked Beirut,
Nature started to heal, and less airplanes flew.
UFO footage was shown officially for the first time,
All while the death toll continued to climb.

The city bought a property for 350 grand
so as not to have a strip club on that land.
McMeekan was passed a twin-pad to come.
City Hall refacing has yet another cost overrun.

Addictions and crime were the talk of the city.
We brought stories explaining the nitty gritty.
We got through November without any real snow.
Back to the Strip Club, who really knows?

Circular Justice brings our police frustration
A First Nations women competes in front of her nation.
The Greyhounds season is further delayed,
No-one knows if the Memorial cup will come in May.

Hockey and Basketball were played in a bubble.
A small earthquake made parts of Michigan rumble.
We’ll never forget Trumps speech at four seasons.
We want a new year and these are just some of the reasons.

I came to this city and went straight to my work.
For “stirring up things” some think I’m a jerk.
Telling your stories and following my nose.
Has led me to call this wonderful city home.

With a new year upon us in just one more sleep
I’m sure I can for our whole news team speak.
When we wish you a Happy New Year, may it be happy and bright.
From Saultonline, don’t drink and drive and have a great night!

Written by Dan Gray
December 31, 2020.