2020 RIDE program statistics


The annual Festive RIDE (Reduce Impaired Driving Everywhere) Campaign launched December 1, 2020 and ran through January 1, 2021. The annual initiative involves joint enforcement with our policing partners and we thank them for their support during the campaign. Our partners play a vital role in helping our members conduct spot checks during the holiday season.

During the 2020 campaign 1,842 vehicles were stopped and checked. Those spot checks resulted in;

  • 29 roadside tests conducted
  • One 3-day licence suspension
  • 14 Impaired Driving Related Criminal Charges laid

The Festive RIDE program is an annual initiative that operates during the holidays, however RIDE is conducted year round.

Throughout 2020, including January 1, 2021, officers issued 116 impaired related criminal charges. That number is up from the same time frame in 2019 where 104 impaired charges were laid.

We did see a decrease in the impaired driving – blood alcohol concentration (80+) charges laid in 2020. During the year officers laid 30 impaired driving – blood alcohol concentration charges compared to 50 in 2019. However we continue to see an increase in the number of impaired driving by drug charges laid. Throughout 2019 officers laid four charges for drug related impaired driving and 42 charges in 2020.

This, in large part, is due to an increase in the number of officers who are qualified to perform Drug Recognition Evaluations.

At this time we should all be spending less time travelling, but if you choose to drink or use drugs do not drive. We all have a role to play to keep this community safe.