Algoma Public Health Provides Wrong Flight Number with COVID-19

Algoma Public Health

Yesterday, Algoma Public Health released the wrong flight number affected by COVID-19:

“The flight number should be Air Canada flight AC 8325 (not AC 8330)”

This flight flew on December 28 from Toronto to Sault Ste. Marie.

Passengers in rows 3-9 and the flight crew who served those rows are viewed as close contacts.


  1. Typical for APH. They can’t even release the correct flight number.
    They have lost any trust I once had in them. Religious meetings, basketball clinics, etc. being held in the Soo while most of us are living like hermits trying to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe. I inquired in an earlier posting if we had COVID infected people in our hospital….not their names. My post was deleted. Go figure!

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