Anniversary of Bondar space flight


29-years-ago today, something special happened.

Sault Ste. Marie’s own Dr. Roberta Bondar went to space.

She took off from Florida’s Kennedy Space Center at 9:52 a.m. and spent 8 day in space during STS-42.

According to NASA, the main purpose of the mission was to make use of the International Microgravity Laboratory 1.

NASA says the international crew was divided into two teams for around-the-clock research on the human nervous system’s adaptation to low gravity.

They also tested the effects of microgravity on other life forms such as shrimp eggs, lentil seedlings, fruit fly eggs, and bacteria.

Materials processing experiments were also conducted, including crystal growth from variety of substances such as enzymes, mercury iodide and a virus.

“To fly in space is to see the reality of Earth, alone. To touch Earth after, is to see beauty for the first time,” said Bondar after her mission.

She went around the earth 129 times and landed January 30 at Edwards Airforce Base in California.

If you would like to build a Lego space shuttle discovery you can find instructions from a local business here.