APH: What is Essential?


Still confused about Ontario’s Stay-at-Home Order?

You’re not alone.

Here’s the short of it.

APH Essential


  1. If big box stores can open because they have groceries, then they should have to close off the clothes and other sections. I think if these places are allowed to make a buck selling clothes, curtain rods, candles and lots of other stuff, then our local small businesses should be able to open and allow customers into their stores too. None of this curbside bs for our local small businesses, unless that’s what the customer and/or store owner prefers.

  2. Sure glad they cleared that up,,, I think??? So absolutely nothing has changed for me, and most of us up here . I can still go where I was going and do what I was doing, and if I see an officer all I have to do is start jogging and I’m OK…WE have one case in ICU here in the Soo by their own admission so why did we get hit by the same rules as the major hot spots in southern Ontario??? Just testing positive doesn’t mean you are gonna get sick from it, and even smaller chances of you dieing from it…Should we be careful? by all means, but quit with the damn paranoia.. We are getting far too much info-demic, both on line and in all the news ….

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