Conestoga Huts – A possible solution?

Conestoga Huts
Aman is shown in this undated photo in front of his Conestoga Hut.

A shelter idea that has been around for a while is now being thought of as part of the homeless solution for our city.

It probably doesn’t seem like much at 60 square feet but the members of a small Facebook group believe it could be a solution.

Hope for Change SSM started by Alajoki Sara a year ago. Started as a place to talk about solutions the group and its members have evolved into a hands-on support group for the homeless population.

They have gone into the community and given out soup and other resources that are needed. They have also just lent a listening ear to the less fortunate taking their stories and trying to affect change.

“I’m in recovery and I started Hope for Change to remind others of their own worth,” said Sara. “If I can do it so can they.”

The group is also in the planning stages of bringing these huts to Sault Ste. Marie. Samson Carrol has become the appointed task leader for this initiative.

When asked how the community can help, he was very straightforward.

The project is in the planning stages and anyone with any experience is welcome to join the group and help him.

“Materials, where to build them, where to put them,” are all ways people can help said Carrol, “I can commit to building steadily and know others who would help.”

The plans show that the shelter is insulated, has a locking door, uses minimal materials and has a 20 square feet covered porch.

If you are interested in helping with the project reach out to the group on Facebook and they will get you in touch with the organizers.


  1. Really. ?? So has anyone else ever seen what becomes of your town once these tent cities are, in the spirit of charity and helping people, condoned and advocated for. You’re going to be impressed with the new look of your city and the crime rates have always gone up, never ever down. Don’t believe me,.. google and YouTube should be sufficient.. a big HELL NO !!!

    • At the old Studio 10 empty lots. They are city property now anyway. They could also feed electricity to them. But I don’t know if the city could afford it after paying so much for the “empty lots.”

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