COVID-19 Message from Mayor Provenzano


Mayor Christian Provenzano released a video pleading with Sault residents to continue staying away from others and following the government’s guidelines for COVID-19.


  1. Enough of the fear Mongering. Open things up and let people go about there Business.This is a seasonal flu outbreak.Make the vaccine available to Seniors, people with underlying health issues .
    The spikes are caused from visitors coming home for the holidays attending the large parties and gatherings is the spreader of these.Restaurants, bars ,small businesses were not .

  2. Stop saying stay home. People should be getting outdoors. Open the ski hills, the rinks, the hills. You aren’t catching COVID outside while sledding. Mental health is important too. If you just do the stay home mantra, people will just ignore it.

  3. Then SHUT WALMART DOWN…open for pharmacy & groceries ONLY!
    How is it that all these local businesses have to close but walmart gets to stay open?????

    • Stop anyone from going back and forth from Soo Michigan to Soo Canada….students, nurses, essential workers. Why not….if you work there, you stay there. I know people have to work, but they should have accommodations where they work or accommodations should be provided by employer.
      Anybody hear of students being quarantined in hotels here in SSM?

  4. How’s this pandemic gonna go away if the lockdown is only for 2 weeks and teasing the people to go out since the businesses will be open and going ahead with BonSoo. How do you stay hone?

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