Dump Trump’s climate denial, follow Biden’s leadership

A city showing the effect of Climate Change

Letter to the Editor

This past Wednesday, January 27th, Sault Climate Hub held their first seminar series topic covering Sault Ste. Marie’s new climate change plan.

As municipal governments everywhere step up to help with the systemic problems to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at a local level, we need top down federal action that works in sync with President Biden’s plans.

In the 2019 election, PM Trudeau promised to introduce a Just Transition Act which states, “ensuring that workers have access to the training and support they need to succeed in the new clean economy.” But, Trudeau has barely mentioned it since.

Now that US President Biden has cancelled the Keystone XL pipeline, it’s clear the fossil fuel era is ending. Workers can’t keep waiting for help with the transition. They need action now. It’s time for Trudeau to keep his promise to workers and legislate the Just Transition Act.

A Just Transition Act would mean finally creating retraining programs for workers in the oil industry and generating thousands of good jobs that are in line with the needs of a green economy.

It’s clear that workers, our communities, and the planet need action now. Let’s hope the federal government can make it happen.


Joanie McGuffin
Goulais River


  1. Just look around our area at the amount of wind and solar farms we have now and how much these are contributing to our power grid, very little. So imagine how many of these farms we will need once all the homes, apartment buildings, grocery stores, big box stores and malls, oh and let’s not forget the vehicles when they have no more natural gas or diesel or gasoline to use. We will not be growing food because farmland will be used for these new farms. Maybe we will all have a windmill in out front yard. Our landscape will be just beautiful

  2. Could we not put off this green energy until we are out of debt, our oil could get us out of trillion debt if allowed to produce, it is clean and ethical, and right at our doorstep, other countries are building new coal plants and their economy is doing great, why should we suffer at the expense of others, we are going to need oil and gas for years to come yet, green energy will not keep every vehicle running right now or heat every home right now, produce our energy but incorporate green at the same time. Far safer to get Canadian energy than it being shipped in from Saudi Arabia or other eastern countries and cheaper for us!!!!

  3. Yeah we should sacrifice ourselves into poverty so a bunch of overpopulated countries with 0 pollution control can not only thrive but have us dependent on them XD.

    Plant a tree if you’re that worried.

  4. There is a wide chasm between climate denial and lunacy. Eliminating the current, most efficient access to power and progress for the sake of current inefficient technology(decades from sustainability), is THE insanity which leads to insurrection!

  5. “It’s time for Trudeau to keep his promise”
    Don’t hold your breath, breaking promises is sort of his thing.
    As for Biden, he’s already showing his colours. The real reason he canceled the pipeline deal? Because the main mode of fossil fuel transport across land in North America is rail, and his buddy Warren Buffet that owns the rail lines also donated about $35 million to Biden’s campain fund.
    Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

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