First Nation Communities and the Town of Moosonee to Receive $6 Million Dollars for Roads


Thirty-one remote First Nation communities and the Town of Moosonee will receive $6 million dollars to help build winter roads.

The much-needed funds will aid in the 3,170 kilometers of temporary snow and ice roads these communities will need to tend to for the 2020-21 winter season.

This investment is part of a three-year funding commitment and will promote economic stability and ease the burden for remote communities to bring in essential goods and services.

Minister of Energy, Northern Development & Mines and Minister of Indigenous Affairs, Greg Rickford made the announcement today reiterating that “Winter roads are a lifeline for remote communities, as they provide vital connections to all-season roads.”

Today’s announcement is in conjunction with the recently released draft transportation plan for Northern Ontario. This draft, released in December 2020, outlined more than 60 actions to expand highways and transit services, create Northern economic opportunities, keep people safe and provide reliable travel options for remote and First Nation communities.

Temporary winter roads serve over 21,000 Ontarians and provide more affordable transportation options for northern job creators and employers, including the mining industry.





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