Ford removes a member of his own party member from caucus


Premier Doug Ford has removed a member of his government from caucus for speaking out against COVID-19 lockdowns.

Ford says today that legislator Roman Baber will no longer sit as a Progressive Conservative and cannot run for the party in the 2022 election.

The move comes after Baber issued a public letter today calling on Ford to end a provincial lockdown.

In the letter, Baber argues that lockdowns are causing a number of other serious problems including mental health and addictions issues, and hurting businesses.

Ford calls Baber’s letter “irresponsible” and accuses him of spreading misinformation.

Earlier this week, Ford imposed a second state of emergency and imposed a stay-at-home order in an effort to fight rising rates of COVID-19.


  1. Freedom of speech seems to not be in Ford’s playbook. It is sad that if you do not tow the party line…and express a differing are suddenly not wanted in politics anymore. It is not unlike what has been happening in the USA where GOP members follow the leader no matter what happens. Just because this member of Ford’s party expresses an opinion…that said opinion is strictly opinion…not binding in any way. I for one like to hear what members of parliament REALLY feel.

  2. RE: Premier Ford ejects MPP Roman Baber

    Roman Baber is one of realistically thinking MP as far as it goes to COVID-19 restrictions. These should be implemented only in some hot spot areas, which could be effectively enforced. Why to introduce these draconian measures in sleepy neighborhoods (such as Patricia Ave, Connaught Ave, and Homewood Ave in North York, for example)? When walking in Patricia Ave from Bathurst to Yonge and back through Connaught I can hardly encounter with more than 10 people over the whole 6- km route. So, implementing “stay home” in this area is ridiculous. For people, especially for old ones walking and breathing with fresh air is a must!
    Mr. Ford is under strong influence of chief medical bureaucrats, who – with lack of knowledge of how to really fight against pandemic – show their “effectiveness” before each other. The best way to ground these “experts” would be cutting off big money which are pouring into their deep pockets from taxpayers. This may help them better understand how folks kicked off from their businesses due to lockdown feel. The bureaucrats of Mr. Ford cabinet must feel this “difficult and uncertain times” on their skin! Mr. Ford, cut them compensation for their “job” by 50% to begin with. “Folks and dear friends” would appreciate that.
    With draconian policy in place, Mr. Ford has already lost his former supporters. The oncoming months will show if he has a chance to be re-elected or will occupy the same niche in political history of the province as his liberal predecessor, and will be oblivion at best.
    My respect and support to Roman Baber.

    • Sorry Dude, but I learned really early in life you don’t seriously argue with the guy that signs your paycheck… You don’t like what he’s doing, that’s fine, quit and go get another job… Don’t mouth off and not expect to get brought up short and hard for it.. Do I think Ford is doing what he should be?? I did, but this latest lock down with no clear-cut rules show he is starting to lose it… Even his face on TV looks like he’s just reading the prompter and doesn’t have any idea about what he is actually saying. This is a far cry from running a small labelling business in TO, and he starting to let it get away from him…

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