Ice Rinks open or closed?

Family Day
Family Day activities at the Clergue Park Skating Trail. Photo by Megan Pounder/SaultOnline

With Mayor Provenzano pushing Monday night for everyone to stay home, as well as the Province’s new stay-at-home order, will places like Clergue Park be closed?

We posed this question to Tessa Vecchio corporate communications officer for Sault Ste. Marie yesterday afternoon.

“As the announcement was just made, we haven’t received the official legislative order from the province outlining the details and enhanced enforcement measures. We’re hoping for details later today or tomorrow,” said Vecchio by email.

“Once we have further clarification on what this means, we will certainly get a message out to the community advising of any service modifications.”

One of the provincial exemptions for the stay-at-home order is for exercise.


  1. Larry you couldn’t be more wrong. The number is more than five. If the workers weren’t doing the rink they would be doing something or nothing else and still getting paid regardless. 40hrs/week is 40hrs/week.

    • Waste of tax dollars for only 5 people at a time to use it. Want a rink that bad make one in your yard at your cost cause for only 5 people. 3 city workers a water truck and other equipment cost too much.

  2. Obviously no outside gatherings with more than 5 people. And a stay at home order. How much clear does it need to be. Same as Bon Soo needs to be canceled to stop virus in our city. Wake up council and major.

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