Individual has tested positive for COVID-19 at R.M. Moore Public School


Algoma Public Health (APH) has advised the Algoma District School Board that an individual associated with R.M. Moore Public School has tested positive for COVID-19.

At this time, APH has conducted a careful investigation and has identified and notified anyone considered a close contact. Examples of close contacts include household members, people who have been in direct physical contact, and people who have spent more than 15 minutes together within 2 metres or 6 feet of each other, such as while sharing a meal or being in the same carpool. Brief interactions, like walking past someone in a hallway or on the sidewalk, are not generally considered close contact  situations.  APH directly calls all those that are considered high risk and sends a letter via email to all those considered low risk.  All contacts in this scenario are low risk.

Please be reassured that the Algoma District School Board is reviewing and confirming enhanced cleaning protocols at the school.  We know COVID-19 is present in our community, thus everyone is reminded to engage in practices to help reduce the potential spread of COVID-19, including:

  • Screening children/themselves
  • Staying home when sick
  • Minimizing contacts
  • Cleaning and disinfecting surfaces
  • Using personal protective equipment when appropriate (masking, eye protection)
  • Ensuring proper hand hygiene
  • Maintaining physical distancing.

The Algoma District School Board wishes the individual a quick and full recovery.

Algoma District School Board’s Covid-19 Advisory

Parents, students and staff have an understandable interest in knowing when a COVID-19 positive case has been identified in their school.  Algoma District School Board will post information if there is a confirmed case of COVID-19 that involves a student or a staff member in a school setting.

In the interests of privacy, information provided to school communities will not identify the student or staff member that has received a positive COVID-19 test.

If public health advises that a class, cohort or a school should be closed for a period of time, parents/guardians, students and staff will be notified immediately.  Notice of any closures of classes, cohorts or schools will be posted on our website.  There will be a link to the COVID-19 Advisory section on all school websites.


  1. Ahem….

    It would help if someone posted a real photo of the local school on Facebook. An observant reader pointed out that the one used is from RM Moore elementary in Waleska, Georgia.

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