Initiative to bring socks to less fortunate underway


A local initiative started by Strong Minds looks to warm up the lives and feet of individuals in need.

Strong Minds has been working with individuals since 2017. They support individuals battling through mental health, physical health and addictions in Sault Ste. Marie.

Strong Minds CEO Amanda Lambert says she was looking for a new way to impact lives when she came up with the Socks for warmth campaign.

“I knew that a lot of people donate clothing items but what I thought would be a great idea is donating socks to individuals in need, so their feet stay warm during our long winter,” said Lambert.

The initiative started on December 21, 2020 the first day of winter and runs through until the first day of spring, March 21, 2021. Lambert says a lot of people in our community are in need and she hopes this helps.

“This little contribution will go along way for someone who needs to stay warm. We don’t think about little things like a pair of socks,” said Lambert. “We tend to take things for granted. A pair of socks for someone who truly needs it can be the deciding factor of freezing or being warm.”

You can support the initiative in numerous ways according to Lambert.

“Individuals can either drop off a pair of socks at Scott Coffee Co and receive 10% off their drink of choice, or you can donate virtually,” said Lambert.

For the virtual option, you can send donations to Strong Minds [email protected].

Strong minds will then go out and purchase socks for the community and distribute them through different organizations.