Major Winter Storm Heading Our Way Next Week!


Brace yourselves, Winter is about to return to normal in Northeastern Ontario. A Fairly large storm system, currently sitting in the Pacific ocean is on track to move into the Sault Ste. Marie area by next Thursday. By this time next week, we could all be in shoveling mode.

According to forecast models from both Europe and the U.S. , a series of storm systems are marching inland on the west coast and tracking across the country. Most of these storms have bypassed Sault Ste. Marie leaving us with one of the least snowiest winters to date.  Currently , on average there is about 20 to 25cm on the ground. Compared to average snowfall accumulation for our area, we should be seeing closer to 75 to 80cm .

Things are likely to change by Thursday, February 4th when this system begins to move into the Great Lakes.

Now, to be fair, this system is still 6 days away, so it may change by the time it reaches the Great Lakes. Right now, the call is for in excess of 30cm by the time the system slowly moves out of the area. Then, we may face a long period of lake-effect snowshowers or snowsqualls developing as the low tracks easterly. Those snowsqualls could add additional amounts to our snow totals.

The forecast of this low pressure system is tricky at best, current models show a warming trend in advance of the storms arrival. That means we could see mixed precipitation from snow, to freezing rain, then periods of rain before changing back to all snow.  However, if cold air remains in place, it could be an all snow event.

Temperatures are expected to fall below normal values as the storm exits the region, followed by another low pressure system that could leaves us with an additional 10 to 15cm the following Tuesday.

We will continue to monitor this system as it approaches.  Join me daily, Monday through Friday on First Local Mornings at 8am and News at Night at 5pm on ONNtv.


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