NDP MP’s post on Israeli vaccinations in West Bank sparks social media dust-up

Charlie Angus

OTTAWA — A Twitter post by NDP MP Charlie Angus on Israel’s vaccination policy has kicked up a storm of social media controversy.

The online post links to an article in The Guardian newspaper that highlights how Palestinians in the Israeli-occupied West Bank and Gaza are not among the beneficiaries of Israel’s rapid rollout of COVID-19 vaccines, whereas Jewish settlers are.

Angus calls the situation “appalling” and caps off the tweet with the words, “#apartheidstate.”

The post Sunday sparked more than 1,000 likes, but also backlash, including from Liberal MP Ya’ara Saks.

Saks, who represents Toronto’s York Centre riding — which includes a sizable Jewish community — said in a reply that the Palestinian Authority is responsible for the medical care of its citizens, and noted the article states the authority has not officially asked for help from Israel.

Israel has led the world in per-capita inoculations, but which shoulders receive the shots remains a controversial issue.