No longer sustainable for social media giants to self-police on content: Facebook


OTTAWA — The head of public policy for Facebook Canada says it’s no longer sustainable for social media companies to self-police questionable content.

Kevin Chan told a House of Commons committee today that’s why his company would welcome regulations that could govern what can’t be posted.

Chan’s appearance at the committee comes as the Liberal government is working on the creation of an online regulator, and associated regime, that would offer that guidance.

Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault told the committee today that work should bear fruit in the form of new legislation this spring.

Both men had been called to committee by the opposition to discuss whether it was appropriate for Facebook to have asked officials in Guilbeault’s department if they knew of anyone suited for a job at the social media company.

The Opposition Conservatives and NDP allege that’s evidence the relationship between the two is too close, an allegation both Facebook and Guilbeault rejected.


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