Ontario Investing $200 Million in Local Infrastructure


Funding helps communities build and repair roads, bridges, water and wastewater systems

TORONTO – Today, the Honourable Laurie Scott, Minister of Infrastructure, announced a $200-million investment in municipalities through the 2021 Ontario Community Infrastructure Fund (OCIF) to help 424 small, rural and northern communities build and repair roads, bridges, water and wastewater infrastructure.

“COVID-19 has created challenges for everyone, including our municipal partners,” said Laurie Scott, Minister of Infrastructure. “By making this stable, predictable investment, our government is not only improving critical infrastructure, we are strengthening local economies, creating jobs and laying the foundation for our long-term recovery.”

OCIF helps eligible communities invest in local infrastructure and asset management planning to address their priority needs. The province uses a formula to distribute funding, recognizing that municipalities have different infrastructure needs. These investments will help eligible communities attract jobs and investment, as well as build local capacity to grow and thrive.

This annual municipal investment provided through OCIF for local infrastructure in communities across Ontario will contribute to the province’s economic recovery and growth in the coming year.

The Ontario Community Infrastructure Fund provides funding for communities with populations under 100,000, along with all rural and northern communities for local infrastructure projects.

In 2020, approximately $200 million in funding was allocated to small, rural and northern communities. Municipalities may accumulate their funding for up to five years to address larger infrastructure projects.

Ontario also provides funding to communities through the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP), a $30-billion, 10-year infrastructure program cost-shared between federal, provincial and municipal governments. Ontario’s share per project will be up to 33.33 per cent, or $10.2 billion spread across five streams: Rural and Northern, Transit Infrastructure, and Community, Culture and Recreation, Green and COVID-19 Resilience Infrastructure.

As indicated in the Ontario 2020 Budget, planned capital investments over the next 10 years total $142.9 billion.