Ontario said NO to these vanity licence plates

Rejected Plates
COVID.NO was one of the many rejected vanity plates by Ontario in the past year.

Ontario has released some of the vanity licence plates it said no too last year.

From January 1, 2020 until December 15, 2020 some unique plates didn’t pass the test and were denied.

In light of COVID-19, plates such as FUC0VID and WEARMASK were all also rejected.

WTFCOVID, FOLYHUCK and BRO.WTF were denied for obvious reasons.

Someone wanted to make fun of the Prime Minister but MOISTLY was denied.

If you wanted to apply for REDNEKK, TEQUELLA or SHROOMIN don’t bother they have already been refused.

1PHATASS, FK.TRUMP and WINE4ME also apparently don’t fly as options for plates in Ontario.

The Ontario Governments policy states plates can be refused for referencing sexual or abusive language.

Human rights, political figures and law enforcement can also not be turned into a vanity plate.

What is the best vanity plate you have seen, leave it in the comments.


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