Petition could see City lose over $1 million annually from tax base


Change could be afoot for the residents of former Parke Township on the west end of Sault Ste. Marie.

There is currently a petition circulating in the community. It has multiple pages of signatures from residents in the affected area looking for a change.

The petition, located at Airways General Store, is based on taxes paid to the city vs. taxes paid to Prince Township and how residents feel they are not getting the expected value from the City.

Prince Township Flyer Proposed Municipal BoundryIn an attempt to figure out the implications of such a move, we spoke with experts in the real-estate field and crunched some numbers.

The consensus is based on a residential property with an average $350,000 value in the affected area. A conservative count of houses in the area would be around 300.

The taxes on a property valued at $300,000 according to flyers that accompany the petition are $4,595 in the city and $3,115 in prince township, a difference of $1,480.

A $400,000 valuation would have a $1,975 difference in taxes paid between the two municipalities.

Without including the airport, the tax loss to the city would be between $1.3 million – $1.8 million respectively.

Prince Township Flyer Proposed Municipal BoundryOne of the flyers also points to services Prince Township has which the city does not provide in the former Parke township. They include a skating rink, library, marina and boat launch, community parks and EARLYON child and family centre.

SaultOnline will keep you updated as to the progress of the petition.