“Polar Vortex” could cause frigid temperatures

Snow Hut

Arctic weather could be headed this way according to Environment Canada.

A warming of the air over the arctic could push what is referred to as a “polar vortex” into the area near the end of January.

“It won’t just make it cold, it makes it face-numbingly cold,” said Environment Canada’s senior climatologist David Phillips to CTV in a report.

The low-pressure system which normally spins around the north pole generally gets bigger in the winter time and sometimes “fractures” and sends cold into the mid-latitudes.

A look at the extended forecast shows daytime highs headed to -8 or -9 near the end of the month, with lows in the double digits overnight.

“There’s nothing guaranteed with weather, and it’s not often well understood in order to give us a precise forecast.”

It could also bring more moisture and heavy snowfall to the area.


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