Public split on Hospital CEO Wendy Hansson travelling to BC


Over the weekend, Sault Area Hospital released a statement about CEO Wendy Hansson travelling to British Columbia over the holidays.

Judgement from the public was both swift and split after hearing the news.

“This woman came here from British Columbia. She has a relationship with her medical professional there. Was it a good time to go? No, but she wasn’t lying on a beach somewhere.” Tammy Martinsen

“While I have no issues with travel for medical appointments or procedures, I DO object to the fact that one of the purposes of the trip was to visit immediate family.” Travis Valois

“Like she is the only one in the Soo separated from their family” Robert Charles

“Her actions along with the Board of SAH are despicable. She along with the board should be removed without severance. If it was one of the amazing hard-working staff members they would be fired. What’s good for the Goose, is good for the Gander no?” Brent Labine

Sault Area Hospital noted they will not be making any further statements but the pressure in the community may change this.


  1. What she is was wrong. Why hide behind the medical excuse when we all know it was to visit family. Should have family matters been dealt when first accepting the role at SAH. The question one should ask is how many other trips has she made during the pandemic out west?

  2. what law did she break?……..these health measures are not laws….they are suggestions as many top politicians have proven to us…….the only thing is lead by example…which they did their actions tell us we are free….what happened to the flu?………does anybody think they knew the 2nd wave was going to be worse because in march/april was after flu season.

  3. Great reporting from Dan. The Soo media all seem to be left leaning in its reporting, this site has been objective and a breath of fresh air for the Soo. Ron

  4. How / why is she accessing healthcare in BC if she is an Ontario resident on OHIP. Something doesn’t sound right here… Taking advantage of the system she probably knows many loopholes..just saying.

  5. So she went to B.C. for healthcare? Healthcare is a provincial service and healthcare costs for residents of the province are covered through the provincial plan. OHIP in the case of Ontario. Non-residents are billed for the services. For Canadians, healthcare provided in another province will be covered by their home province in emergency circumstances. For non-emergency services an out of province patient must pay for the service.

    Is Ms. Hansson an Ontario resident? Since she’s working in our hospital she should be. Did she claim the healthcare service was an emergency? Seems far fetched if she’s making an appointment and then flying across the country to be treated. What did she tell OHIP? If she’s willing to pay for the service which she could get free in Ontario at the organization she’s in charge of, what does that say about medical care in Sault ste. Marie?

  6. Many folks have not been able to connect with family members for months. Why is this CEO thinking she is different? As a person working for a hospital, she should be able to find suitable health care in THIS province. I feel that having to see her Dr. was her way of trying to cover up a trip to see family which was the main purpose of the trip. The hospital board should have known their CEO was REQUIRED to follow the same protocols the rest of us are required to follow so they are complicent in this and the chair should resign….as should the CEO.

  7. What…the Dr’s here not good enough here…it’s not she didn’t have access to any here…she’s the CEO of our hospital for Christ sake!!!
    Funny how Quatro…basketball teams..etc got away with it…politicians are getting away with it!!
    And all of Walmart is open…how fair is it to all of the other businesses like optical….clothing…etc that can’t
    stores that can’t open????
    I think Canadian Tire..Soo Mill…Lyons etc..etc should start selling groceries!!
    I think APH has to be A LOT CLEARER on what’s going on and quit picking on the small businesses.

  8. Sault Online is doing exactly what they should do ,, investigate which they did,, Nothing is new do to the silence from the Hospital and CEO. It was her that created this not the Sault Online, It was her deliberate actions to ignore regulations to visit her family, I have questions but they cant be answered do to privacy laws. that is what was the medical emergency or was it just an excuses to visit the family? She could have went to the medical appoint and flew back would had been the right thing to do. maybe like most of us have a doctors note proving she even went to the appointment. you reasoning is to ignore her actions of deliberately ignore regulations with family members. People have a right to ask why is she exempt to visit her family, period ?

  9. Sault Online getting everyone riled up. This is the type of thing that causes all the division in the world. You reported the story but that wasn’t enough. You have to keep this story going even though there are zero new details in order to create conflict between everyone. You posted that there’s an outbreak where there isn’t one because you were too excited to wait because you wanted everyone to start talking about it. Grow up Sault Online. Especially you Dan.

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