Reaction – Mayors react to USA vs Canada wager

Don Gerry & Christian Provenzano
Mayors Don Gerry & Christian Provenzano

Due to losing a friendly wager over the USA vs. Canada IIHF junior hockey game last night, Mayor Provezano will be holding up his end of the wager.

Canada lost 2-0 to the United States in the gold medal match held in Edmonton January 5, 2021.

Mayor of Sault Ste. Marie Michigan, Don Gerry, had this to say when reached for comment this morning.

“Proud of team USA for a hard fought victory, proving many predictions wrong. I cannot think of any country we would rather have as our number two,” said Gerry.”I know that Mayor Provenzano will look great in LSSU Laker blue and gold and hope it may be the beginning of new wardrobe choices.”

For his part, Provezano congratulated Gerry by text last night. He acknowledged it was a good game, and how Canada played well for the most part.

“I told Don that I would wear the jersey as soon as I got my hands on one and asked him to choose between Outspoken and Northern,” said Provenzano by email. “I am glad to do something collegial and light – hearted with our friends from Sault Michigan.  We have always had a very positive relationship.”

It is unknown how long it will take Provenzano to acquire the jersey due to COVID and border restrictions. It’s safe to say Mayor Gerry will be pleased to help him out with the endeavor.

We would like to commend both Mayors for bringing this light-hearted wager to the twin Sault’s during these difficult times.