Recovery North Opens Today in Sault’s Downtown

Recovery North
Recovery North opened in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario January 11, 2021

Recovery North is an organization that specializes in treating Substance Use Disorders. Today, Monday January 11, 2021 is the first day this innovative and supportive clinic on Queen Street is available to folks in the Sault.

“We assist patients with opioid, stimulant and/or alcohol use disorders, provide referrals to counselling and mental health support, conduct Hepatitis C pre-test and post-test counselling, and provide aftercare treatment. We remain open and accepting of new patients throughout COVID-19.” shared Erin Kucher, Withdrawal Management Coordinator, Maamwesying North Shore Community Health Services.

Erin Kucher, RPN, is Minobimaadizing (Addictions) Program Manager – Maamwesying Withdrawal Management Recovery Program on March Street in the Sault, which offers withdrawal management services for all substances to First Nation/Innuit/Metis folks or those who are affiliated with a First Nation.

“Recovery North offers walk-in and scheduled appointments for outpatient addiction services. Our programs include an initial intake, screening, supervised urine testing, a treatment contract, addiction counselling, and regular follow-ups with physicians and other allied health-care providers. Recovery North will also provide referrals to additional counselling, psychiatric assessment, inpatient treatment, or to other services and supports.”

Kucher further stated that transferring from another clinic to Recovery North is relatively simple. She said that individuals with ‘earned carries’ will be able to retain them.

“Recovery North offers same day appointments – patients will consult with Dr Leary over OTN (Ontario Medicine Network)” adding, “there is no wait list.”

Dr. Leary is the physician attached to the clinic. Nicole Atkinson, Clinical RPN is on-site to guide and support individuals through their treatment. Dr Tara Leary is based in Sudbury, and has been practicing in Northern Ontario since 2001, focusing on mental health and addictions for the last 10 years.  Her work supports multiple agencies, from Health Sciences North Withdrawal Management Service and RAAM clinic to Northwood Recovery and Maamweysying North Shore Community Health Services. She currently serves as the Regional Addictions Physician Lead, Operational Engagement for northeastern Ontario, coordinating the implementation of inpatient and outpatient addictions services across the region.

“Our programs include Opioid Agonist Therapy including Methadone and Suboxone, and we are now offering the once-monthly injectable Sublocade, for patients who qualify. Additionally, we continue to offer our Alcohol-Craving Management program and Stimulant Replacement Therapy. Patients can be engaged in treatment on one or more of our programs, and can begin treatment immediately after.”

Kucher stressed that community support and engagement play a significant role in informing the community of services available locally to support them through addiction treatment.

Kucher encouraged people to visit the Recovery North website for more information regarding programs and locations at


  1. So another glorified
    O.A.t.c? What we need is a treatment centre that ,houses and holds people to help understand and overcome addiction, we already have programs in place that offer all these solutions so putting someone at a desk with a paper with a number to all the same resources just killss trees to write notes on .get a grip Sault Ste Marie , try setting that works,here’s an idea build something on provanzanos new strip club property.

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