Sault Makes National List For Violent Crimes


Sault Ste. Marie is listed as one of the most dangerous places in Canada according to a new Maclean’s interactive tool posted on their website.

The online magazine data shows the Sault listed as the 61st most dangerous place with violent crime up as well as assaults, break and enters and frauds.

Elliot Lake placed at the 22nd out of the 237 communities profiled. Timmins placed 10th overall while Thunder Bay placed 14th.  The lower the ranking the worst. The most violent crimes led to Thompson Manitoba, that took the top spot. Tames Centre Ontario made the list as the least dangerous place at 237 on the list.

For a complete rundown on the crimes in the Sault and elsewhere in the country, check out the Macleans interactive data tool at   MACLEANS


  1. Thought there was extra police on the streets, especially in the downtown area.
    How about a task force that can find the illegal possessions of fentanyl and guns?
    This city is starting to “suck”.

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