Signs, signs, everywhere signs


Unless you are a portable sign wishing someone a happy birthday, then you are technically not allowed.

That is what happened to a local business earlier this week.

The owner of the business vented both publicly, and to SaultOnline, about the city trying to destroy his as well as other businesses like his. He received a fine from the city for something that was seemingly allowed for the longest time.

“I started doing these birthday signs in April because I had a lot of signs empty, and to be honest with people didn’t want them. So I started renting them.” said the owner.

“I wasn’t shy about it. I promoted the fact that I was doing it and then around September, I was contacted by them (the city) and they said, it’s illegal, and I need to stop doing it.”

Mayor Christian Provenzano and council passed the bylaw after much debate on February 6, 2017.

“They’ve been coming down hard on me for a couple years. I’m just trying to stay afloat.”

He noted there is a still a sign near Finn Park that says “***holes slow down” and nothing is being done. If you read the bylaw, any sign over approximately 2 square feet is illegal in most residential areas. The “thanks to front line workers” signs appear to violate the bylaw also.

Why has the city decided now, after nearly a year, to enforce the bylaw on signs wishing people a happy birthday during COVID?

The owner notes, one of his clients in the past was a city councillor. There was no problem with the sign then.

SaultOnline will be reaching out to city hall for comment on this issue.


  1. BUSINESS IN THIS CITY IS ALREADY GOING THROUGH TOUGH TIMES. Leave them alone as we wade through this financial mess for business owners…geesh…nothing else for the council to be concerned about??

    • The issue is that the bylaw is enforced by will and inconsistently.
      There are examples of signs left in residential areas for months or more with no follow-up.
      This city is rife with cronyism and favouritism.
      He’s not wrong in that regard.

  2. At the very least council can look at this and pass a temporary measure. Maybe limit messages to birthdays, time it can stay up, etc. Have it expire in a month and then review it.

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