Since when is Identity Protection Based on Your Address?


Why was an exact address exposed for a party in Garden River?

Algoma Public Health (APH) released the exact address of a party held at a house in Garden River, but we have heard crickets over any other possible close contact infections.

The following is an excerpt released by APH on Monday, January 4th:

“Algoma Public Health is advising the public of a potential high-risk exposure to COVID-19 to anyone who attended a New Year’s Eve gathering on December 31, 2020 at XXXXX*, in Garden River…”

Anyone who attended this gathering is advised to immediately self-isolate and contact Algoma Public Health at 705-759-5404 or 1-866-892-0172 ext. 5404”

Where was the clarification on dates, times and locations of the several other possible infections, i.e. Tim Horton’s, Rome’s, Shoppers Drug Mart or Algoma Steel?

Why didn’t APH inform the public of outbreaks at these businesses?

There is no way of contacting everyone who went to the store and used the drive-thru via contact tracing.

These businesses along with times and dates should have been released to protect the public.

These businesses should have been revealed to the public the same way an address from Garden River was publicly announced.

Nowhere on the APH site does it notify residents of the above businesses.

Nowhere in the several releases about 11, 5 or 3 people infected does it state that if you attended these businesses to contact APH.

“Algoma Public Health is reporting five (5) new cases of COVID-19. Through contact tracing, Algoma Public Health notifies all close contacts directly. If you are not contacted by Algoma Public Health, you are not considered a close contact.”

It should also be concerning when APH can get an address correct, but a flight number involving several possible infected people wrong.

The following is a release from APH as updated on January 7, 2021 at 9:10 a.m.

“We have updated the flight information for the exposure below. The flight number should be Air Canada flight AC 8325 (not AC 8330).”

Updated news release can be found on the APH website here.

When asked directly how APH conducts close contact tracing, they answered:

“APH reviews all the activities of people who test positive for COVID-19, from 48 hours before their symptom onset until they were in effective self-isolation. All close contact exposures are identified, and close contacts are notified directly by APH.”

The APH site also states that:

“If there is a close contact exposure risk to the general public, or if APH is unable to identify and directly notify close contacts, a public notification would be issued with the time and location of exposure.”

Again, where was the release exposing those who attended Tim Horton’s, Rome’s, Shoppers Drug Mart or Algoma Steel? (Crickets)

*XXXXX – SaultOnline has replaced the address with XXXXX so as too keep the individuals identity private as per APH’s apparent rules and guidelines.  

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  1. Because they were unable to contact everyone at the “gathering”. It may be that there were other “gatherings” on this street, so they had to differentiate.
    I don’t see the person(s) responsible for this “gathering” complaining about it. Have they been charged, fined, jailed. How about charged for attempted murder/murder if someone dies from contacting COVID as a result of attending the so called “gathering”.

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