There are a few by-laws in place for Snowmobilers.


As we see more snow accumulation in and around Sault Ste. Marie we have been receiving complaints regarding snowmobile use in the city.

For those in our community who are snowmobile enthusiasts, familiarize yourself with the city by-laws and associated fines for snowmobiling within the city limits.

  • No riding on maintained sidewalks – $235 fine
  • No riding between 11pm and 8 am – $110 fine
  • No riding in prohibited areas or streets – $235 fine
  • Maximum speed of 20KPH on streets with 50 KPH speed limit -$110 fine
  • Modifying or removing stock muffler – $110 fine

The attached map outlines areas where snowmobile use is restricted, as well as what          routes riders can legally use.


  1. the other day I encountered a few people snowshoeing with loose dogs on groomed trail for sleds. Numerous times i sneak up on people walking or snowshoeing since my snowmobile is quiet because it a 4stroke. Can this be respected also,just saying 🤔

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