Training continues for Sault Fire Services

Stock photo - Sault Fire Service on scene of a apartment fire Saturday January 9, 2021 on Willow Ave. ( Dan Gray / )

Although frequently people only think about firefighters when they are needed, they are always on duty.

A 24-hour-shift may bring them no calls for service or many depending on the day, but what they can be sure to be doing is training.

Yesterday firefighters worked at Station #1 on search and rescue training, as well as ladder use, according to a twitter post from @saultfireservices.

Firefighters were seen bringing a training dummy through the window and down the ladder of a smoke-filled environment.

In order to keep their National Fire Protection Association firefighter certification, numerous hours of training are required each year.


  1. Our firefighters are amazing. I frequently think about them and the hard work they do. They’re professional and I appreciate them. Thank you for all your hard work!!

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