Trudeau says he too is frustrated by holiday travellers, pace of vaccine rollout

Justin Trudeau

OTTAWA — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he shares the frustrations of Canadians with those who’ve chosen to travel abroad over the holiday season.

Trudeau says changes are coming to a new federal benefit that was intended to provide paid sick leave to those forced into quarantine due to COVID-19 exposure.

Concerns have emerged, however, that the payment of up to $1,000 is being claimed by people who are quarantining because they travelled outside the country.

Trudeau says the government never imagined or intended the benefit to be used for that purpose and stressed that nobody ought to be travelling for non-essential reasons.

The prime minister says he also shares people’s impatience with the pace of vaccine rollouts.

He says he intends to raise the issue with premiers of the provinces and territories at a meeting on Thursday to see where the federal government can help.


  1. Travel?!?
    Maybe Trudeau can clarify those 3 Canadian Government VIP series 300 challenger jets that just flew back from the caribbean with full diplomatic privileges & security that only Canadian federal government VIPs have access to.
    Followed by a very quick priority taxi straight into the Canadian Forces secure hangars and a government motorcade with blacked out windows.
    Where were you Justin Trudeau? Where were your top cabinet ministers?

    • “Three Govt. of Canada flights left Ottawa a few days ago.
      One went to Barbados, one to Turks and Caicos and one to the Bahamas.
      They were followed using Flight Tracker24 software, Government of Canada jets labelled CL60 Challenger Bombardier 600 Series.
      We know “important” people were on board because…
      1. No flight path was registered
      2. No destination was registered
      3. No arrival or disembarkation points were registered
      Those items can only be hidden if you are a VIP Government-Secure flight.
      All three have returned. Two have returned from Barbados and the Bahamas and one is on its way back as this was first posted, from Turks and Caicos.
      Boots on the ground at MacDonald-Cartier Airport in Ottawa confirmed landing at 3:28 pm this afternoon.
      They also confirm a Government motorcade arrived and left the airport. As reported by Quebec traffic personnel, the motorcade was headed to Harrington Lake, the Prime Minister’s retreat.”

  2. Just simply fire all of them, no excuses allowed… Everyone else was told or warned to stay home and the arrogance of these polititions is beyond any excuse they may offer… Not the kind of people I want working in my government !!!!!

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