When will Sault Ste. Marie get the COVID-19 vaccine?

Moderna COVID-19 vaccine

SAULT STE. MARIE, ON. – Last week Ret. Gen. Rick Hiller indicated northern Ontario could wait until the spring for the deployment of the COVID-19 vaccine.

With the alarming case count on the rise here in Sault Ste. Marie prompting a video response from the mayor, a few citizens wondered if we might get it sooner than later.

A request for comment to Ross Romano’s office was answered this morning with an official statement from the Ministry of Solicitor General.

“The government’s approach to identifying key populations to receive the vaccine first is informed by science and prioritizes population groups that are at greatest risks of COVID-19, which was the basis of the newly released ethical framework for COVID-19 vaccine distribution.

Groups receiving the early vaccine doses in the first few months of the Ontario immunization program will include:

  • Residents, staff, essential caregivers, and other employees of congregate living settings (e.g., long-term care homes and retirement homes) that provide care for seniors as they are at higher risk of infection and serious illness from COVID-19;
  • Health care workers, including hospital employees, other staff who work or study in hospitals, and other health care personnel;
  • Adults in Indigenous populations, including remote/fly-in communities where risk of transmission is high; and
  • Adult recipients of chronic home health care.

Northern Ontarians in these priority groups will have access to vaccines and we are expanding distribution of vaccines throughout the province as they become available, in a data-driven way.”

When the first dose will arrive in Sault Ste. Marie is still unclear.

The Solicitor General also noted that over time, vaccine supply will increase so that all Ontarians who wish to be immunized have access to a vaccine and information on where to receive a vaccine will be made available.

If you want any further information on COVID-19 please see Algoma Public Health.


  1. Yes, we will go to the bottom of the list, as well we should. The Sault is not a travel hub, and has low population density. You would be an idiot to think we should get the vaccine before places currently dealing with an influx of cases and a much denser population, like Toronto

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