1200 customers will have to travel at least 45 minutes to access a bank


Northern Credit Union responded to SaultOnline over the weekend to comment on the closure of the Richard’s Landing branch.

1200 customers are serviced at the Richard’s Landing branch of the Northern Credit Union.  Islanders will have to travel at least 45 minutes to access a bank.  The Northern Credit Union is consolidating these customers to Thessalon and Sault Ste. Marie.

Northern Credit Union plans to have a priority seniors telephone line to help with the transition of consolidating branches.  This will be staffed with local northern employees and available for 24 hour service.  Northern Credit Union will also be releasing a digital video series aimed at assisting people with the transition, and staff will be available at the branch for in person sessions on digital banking up until the closure on June 1, 2021.

This branch also employs 4 local islanders and it is unclear what the effect the consolidation will have on the employees.


  1. Credit unions were started by people who wanted Local Services other than a Bank. Take away the ” Local ” part of it and Customers will use any other Service that is ” Local “.
    The Northern Credit Union has removed the ” Local ” part of their Service for the 1200 people on the ” Island ” who need it.
    Northern is making a big mistake and they will lose business here.

  2. What about the customers that do not have a computer to bank on line or the ones that have to rely on someone to get them to the bank. All these places forget that because of the Government restrictions that is the main reason for very little walk in banking . You locked down not to go any where. not that they do not bank any more. Get rid of these not so great restrictions and get back to our way of doing our lives.Put in reduced hours and keep the banks open. do not shutter them after all it was the people that got you started right?

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