Beverley Street Assault

A police officer guards the scene in the 200 Block of Beverly street February 2, 2021. ( Dan Gray/

According to witnesses sometime during the evening on February 1, 2021, a heavy police presence was noticed in the 200 block of Beverley Street in Sault Ste. Marie.

According to Lincoln Louttit an incident did occur in the area.

“We continue to investigate a serious assault that took place in the 200 block of Beverley Street on February 1, 2021. As a result of the assault a male victim was taken to hospital with serious injuries,” said Louttit in an e-mail to SaultOnline.

More details to come if they are made available.


  1. Dan did you seriously just ‘out’ one of the witnesses.. As a journalist (never give up your source) I thought you’d be a little smarter then that, guess not.

    Good luck Lincoln.. stay safe, just sayin’.

    Strange daze indeed..

    • I appreciate the concern, when I say witnesses I mean people in the area, residents, passers by, other who contact me.

      If I wanted to “out” someone which as a journalist I never would do, I would use a name and say “so and so” told me this was going on.

      I have rules, ethics and common sense enough to never burn a source as it’s never a good way to go about my job.

      In hindsight using local residents etc. in this case may have been a better choice of words.

      Thanks for the feedback.

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