Brookfield Market Comes Down


Call it progress or the sign of the times, but a locally owned  neighbourhood  store that was once a corner stone in the west end of the city came tumbling down today.

Brookfield market was the “go to” corner store for thousands of residents in the  area of Roosevelt Ave , Second Line West , and Borden  Ave for well over 80 years.

The store itself has been closed for sometime,  it was recently up for sale with the house on the same property.

As with most communities the locally owned corner stores have all but vanished due to more chain convenience stores  moving into town.

Many will remember visiting the store for staples like bread and milk along with milkshakes, bluebird bakery donuts and so much more.  Another piece of Sault history gone but the memories remain.


  1. I grew up in Brookfield and have many fond memories of this small, corner store. One of its owners, Mr, McKeegan (ph) treated us neighbour kids very well and we would often laugh at his “hello boys”, as we were a bunch of girls. I remember going to that store and buying freshly sliced bologna for sandwiches. Mr. McKeegan let my family “run a bill” which, in those days was much more common than today. My memories flooded my brain every time I walked or drove by. As with everything, changes happen as we grow older but it was a nice, happy, peaceful time back then. (As a matter of fact, I kind of met my husband at the old “Bob Inn” across the street.)

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