Call for Action against Bill C-15

Defenders of the Land, Truth Before Reconciliation, Idle No More

The Indigenous Activists Networks have put forth a press release calling for action against The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People (UNDRIP) Bill C-15.

The federal Bill C-15 “is a sleight of hand that promises to increase and expand Indigenous rights but actually accomplishes the opposite,” says Truth Before Reconciliation Campaign spokesperson Russell Diabo.

This bill states that the UNDRIP will be held under Canadian law, and the whole purpose of this bill was to do exactly the opposite; hold Canadian Law accountable to UNDRIP.

Under section 35 of the Canadian Constitution, the Canadian courts have already been adjudicated to give Canada control of Indigenous lands under the Doctrine of Discovery, and places extreme limits on the rights of self-determination.

By holding UNDRIP Bill C-15 under Section 35, “the government is taking away all of the rights the declaration was designed to recognize,” Diabo states.

Professor Nicole Schabus, who teaches law at Thompson Rivers University, says the central problem is that Bill C-15 attempts to “domesticate” International law into Canadian Law.

By holding UNDRIP under Canadian Law, Bill C-15 denies Indigenous Peoples the right to self-determination.  UNDRIP is supposed to recognize “the right to self-determination is the main remedy for colonization.”

The Indigenous Activists Networks states that Bill C-15 will negatively impact all aspects of the lives of Indigenous Peoples and Nations in Canada for generations to come.  The Bill will keep in place the colonial system of the Crown’s (federal, provincial, municipal) centuries old domination through its laws, including the Constitution Act 1867 and the Constitution Act 1982, which are based on the colonial Doctrine of Discovery.

A link to the full press release is linked here.