Canadian Snowbirds have “Big Day” Friday

Canadian Snowbirds

In an official twitter announcement Friday, the Canadian Snowbirds celebrated an achievement some thought would never happen.

For the first time this year they were able to fly a full nine-plane training mission.

This training mission, which comes as part of an intensive training cycle, comes after a COVID and a fatal-accident shortened 2020 season.

The pandemic saw many air shows cancelled last year in which the national aerobatic team would have performed.

Then in May, while nearing the end of a nation-wide good will mission, a crash in Kamloops, B.C. killed the teams Public Affairs Officer Capt. Jenn Casey, and seriously injured a pilot.

According to some experts in the industry, the crash should have been the end to the team.

A trip to the teams website shows the tentative schedule. They are planning to visit North Bay on June 9, 2021. That will be as close as they get to Sault Ste. Marie this year in a show capacity.


  1. In my opinion, yes there’s risks but few. But as I am somewhat an avid follower of these entertainers of the sky, I look forward to the much needed distraction of every day events.

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