Catch the Ace – Habitat for Humanity Fundraiser now in week 15

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Catch the Ace is in full swing at Habitat for Humanity Sault Ste Marie and Area. Now into its 15th week, the Ace of Spades is still up for grabs.

We’d like to congratulate Pamela Coccimiglio on winning Week 14, as well as all of the winners before that:

  • Lois Pine (weeks 10 & 13)
  • Ben Willcock (week 12)
  • Pam Johnson (weeks 8, 9, & 11)
  • Judith Falkins (week 7)
  • Debbie Wellwood (week 6)
  • Carrie Cerenzie (weeks 4, 5, and … 5.5)
  • Jacqueline Pelletier (week 3)
  • Thomas Wilson (week 2)
  • Veronica Mejia Valle (week 1)

Want to add your name to the list? This week’s Catch the Ace draw is NOW OPEN!

Every week, another card is flipped over. Every week, your odds of WINNING the progressive jackpot get BETTER AND BETTER!

If you pick the ace of spades today, you bring home the weekly jackpot PLUS the $850+ progressive jackpot!
Buying early encourages more ticket sales, which means an EVEN BIGGER JACKPOT FOR YOU (and more support for a good cause!)
Grab your tickets TODAY here  Tickets are 200 for $20, 10 for $10, or 3 for $5