City Council wrap-up


Sault Ste. Marie City Council made multiple decisions during their council meeting this evening.

First up on the agenda was CHAAT, a local grass-roots initiative helping those with addictions in the community.

After a video and presentation by the organization, they garnered support from all the council for what they are trying to achieve. Some of the councillors offered their personal time and expertise to the group.

Council then decided to stop night camping at Point Des Chenes park after a nearly 45 minute conversation. They cited cost for repair and operation as major reasons for the closure.

The last major decision made by council was to make a collective motion asking the province to fix the inequality between big-box stores and small business.

SaultOnline will break each of these decisions down plus have more on the west end petition in the coming days.


  1. Camped at pte Des Chenes a lot of times over the years, 4 of them as a seasonal camper, and don’t like the idea of it being closed.. But the fact of the matter is there has been no overnight camping here for years .. It’s all seasonal and it has become an old boys club, much like our city council. I doubt if any of them camp there so they don’t really care, just giving it lip-service… Maybe if our illustrious mayor had spent the money at the campground instead of buying that gold-plated strip club lot, the people of the city could get some benefit from the money…If they should change their minds,( which I seriously doubt), seasonal camping should not be allowed unless on a percentage of sites so as to give the average person here in the Soo the chance to get some benefit from the place…

  2. I would guess they will close down Point Des Chenes campground due to lack of funds. But they always find money to buy properties that they have absolutely no business buying for well over the value of the property. Maybe the over 100 camping trailers can start camping out on these properties.

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