Comedian shares learning his traditional language on podcast series

Sophia Rabliauskas has been giving her son Paul Rabliauskas Anishinaabemowin lessons on their new podcast. (Whitney Bittern)

“Paul Anishinaabemo (Speaks Ojibwe)” is a new podcast series by Paul Rabliauskas and his mother Sophia Rabliaukas.  Paul Rabliaukas is a comedian from Poplar First Nation in Northern Manitoba, and he has sat with his mother every Sunday this month at her kitchen table to learn Anishinaabemowin.

Rabliaukas told CBC he is a self-described mama’s boy and said that it’s nice to laugh with her during the recordings.

Sophia told CBC when she was a young adult, she didn’t put emphasis on teaching her children Anishinaabemowin because she was taught that in order to be successful, they had to prioritize English.

As Rabliauskas has gotten older, he has come to regret not being able to speak his mother’s tongue and has been wanting to work on a language project with her for a couple of years.

This podcast is a beautiful look into an honest relationship between mother and son as they explore language together.

They started this podcast in February 2021, and they now have 4 episodes that run an hour long and go through the lessons and importance of traditional teachings and language.  This podcast can be found on most streaming platforms for free!

Locally, the Sault Ste. Marie Indian Friendship Centre offers several resources for traditional language learning.  Check out their Facebook page for their weekly programming for all ages and abilities!