Council Agenda – Who sets it?


Every two weeks, council and the public get issued an agenda, it lays out what will be discussed and decided upon at the following meeting.

Bylaws, reports, motions by councillors are all listed in a predetermined format and placed on the agenda, after going through an Agenda Review Committee.

Until 2014 the committee was composed of two councillors, the Mayor, the CAO and the clerk. Since then, the committee only has three members, Mayor Christian Provenzano, CAO Malcolm White and the clerk Rachel Tyczinski.

According to the Procedures bylaw they are “charged with the responsibility of deciding the subject matters and items to appear on the council agenda, as well as any
delegations to be heard by Council.”

That may seem like a lot of power, but according to Councillor Luke Dufour, the bar is set really high when it comes to not allowing something on the agenda.

“The only time I’ve seen the committee deny something is if it was illegal,” said Dufour. “We are given a very, very wide berth to bring motions to council provided we have a mover and seconder.”

He pointed to a previous councillor’s motion brought forward when the committees composition was the same.

“They brought a motion talking about nepotism in the city, because they had a mover and seconder it ended up on the agenda, and in front of council,” said Dufour.

In the case of reports to council, they do not need to be ordered by council to show up on the agenda. In the case of the west end petition, CAO White can generate a report if he thinks it is necessary. It can be brought to the attention of council, as long as it has a mover and seconder.

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  1. Why is there two non elected city officials on the agenda review committee ?Mayor is the only elected Officials on this committee.This appears to be a conflict since there really is not a majority of elected council members to set the Agenda of the Council ,Who runs this City Council or City staff.This appears to not be a democratic procedure when you have city staffers preventing items from being presented at council .A petition of 1600 taxpayers signals this Agenda Review Committee is preventing taxpayers from having a voice.

  2. So the decision comes down to 3 people? I will reserve my thoughts on who really has the last say,

    And Dufour’s example?
    I do recall the nepotism motion that didn’t go anywhere. What is the policy for hiring relatives? That would be good to know.

    Another discussion that didn’t fly was the Sal Dan proposal.

    At the last moment the seconder backed out stating conflict of interest. Any other councillor could have seconded the motion just to get a discussion going….but they didn’t. Why not?

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