Does the Mayor not care what concerns citizens have?

Current petition

In a report coming to council Monday, it is apparent that the city doesn’t want to address the concerns of those who have signed the petition, those who want out of Sault Ste. Marie.

The petition, not even officially presented to either Sault Ste. Marie nor Prince Township as of yet, has apparently already cost taxpayers money. There is a report before council Monday addressing it, where these reports cost time and manpower to write.

It appears as though they may attempt to swipe it under the rug, unwilling to address any concerns citizens may have.

Malcom White, CAO for the city, makes a statement in the report suggesting such.

“Mayor Provenzano has received assurances from Minister Romano, our M.P.P. and Minister Clarke, the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, that they would not consider supporting a boundary change unless both Prince Township and the City of Sault Ste. Marie were in favour of it,” says the report.

Is this like the Hudson street situation? Where the mayor has already decided ahead of dealing with it officially as a council. Is this is what he wants? You might remember in one of my past stories where he discussed a sale price with the owner of Studio 10 well before council was even aware of the offer to sell the property.

Would the Local Planning and Appeals Tribunal (Formally the Ontario Municipal Board) like it if both parties agreed? yes. Does it stop a party from approaching them if that isn’t the case, it appears not.

More concerning is it appears what members of the city want, as shown by the petition, doesn’t appear to matter to the Mayor. For multiple reasons listed, many of the residents of what is now a part of ward 5, simply want out.

The report notes the multiple services the city provides to Prince Township. It says if this was to go forward, those agreements would have to be renegotiated if the boundaries’ were changed.

Why the voice of the people signing this petition doesn’t matter would be a great question for someone to ask city council.


  1. The mayor reminds me of the former selfish self centered US president in the way that he decides things on his own without other input and doesn’t care to listen to any, it’s his way or he whines and pouts. Nothing will ever change in this regard, especially now that he is on his way out in Nov ’22.

  2. It’s all good, the Mayor sleeps well at night knowing that he is helping the addicts of the city by donating $100 a month to a former addict with no training, just a hope and a prayer, who wants to help the folks who are struggling with addiction. She even set up a “safe injection site” at her front door under a tent!!! So don’t let it be said that they Mayor doesn’t listen to the people. There is a drug problem in the Sault and he is helping to fix it! *rolls eyes*

  3. I’m a bit confused on this article… 300 residents of Sault Ste. Marie are going to dictate jurisdiction of the city boundaries? What about the 74,700 other people of the city? Why don’t we all just join prince township and rely on their volunteer fire department (of which most of the volunteers don’t even live in prince), or all the contracted services from the sault… or better yet let’s just annex every subdivision as their own township again… if the people living there don’t like the city, then move! I applaud our Mayor for not giving this any attention as it doesn’t warrant any. If he and city council had to waste their time and resources for every ridiculous petition that’s all they would be doing. Pretty clear notice behind this move and kudos to our mayor for not falling into the trap, just like Porco whining over the bus terminal… it’s been public knowledge for years that was the master plan, if I knew about it so did he, and sorry but that area is struggling bus terminal or not.. again, don’t like it don’t open up a business there…

  4. Sounds like something they did a Point des Chenes park .Find out from the media on Friday they no longer want to be in the campground business . With 108 lots at $2000.00 a year and the Lion’s club running it to be able to donate the money to charity like our hospital someone forgot to use some of the money to upgrade the water system . The campground which is usually full with the exception of last year due to Covid-19 has been used by many families over the years and is a tourist attraction. We all say we want our children happy and healthy but with outdoor activities such as camping taken away no wonder this city is becoming less attractive place to live and raise a family. Perhaps the money spent to buy the Studio 10 properties could have been used to fix the situation and keep the Lion’s club alive. Shame on our city council .

  5. From the week I moved here it was apparent to me that the mayor and council have a skewed vision that doesn’t really include the opinion or input of citizens.
    There’s a reason the rate of population growth here has been either been neutral or in decline.
    People and families are leaving the Soo and for good reason. There’s reason the mayor has been strongly advocating relocating newcomers to SSM.
    The mayors and council members lack of effective vision and shortsightedness has caused this city to decay while other northern cities have been growing and developing.
    When I leave this spring the door sure won’t be hitting me on the way out.

      • In case you haven’t noticed there’s been a number of people & families leaving so the usual “bye bye honey” nonesense needs to end and asking them why needs to begin.
        That recent article with the realtor saying the Soo real estate is ‘white hot’ and that Torontonians are moving here was wildly inaccurate – they’re buying houses as rental income because of all the foreign students. That’s why they were so concerned with internet speed.

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