Field Regiment conducting winter training ( 10 photos )

Elements of the 49th Field Regiment takes part in Operation Frozen Tiger, Feb. 27, 2021 (Dan Gray/

The 49th Field Artillery Regiment based in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario is in the middle of operation Frozen Tiger, their winter training exercise.

During the hour SaultOnline was able to spend with them inside their friendly camp located south of the main armory building, we got a small glimpse into the training a reserve unit does.

A look across the south lawn from the building, located on a plot of land at the corner of Pine and Wellington Street, showed no activity going on, unless you looked closely.

Sentries were posted in the tree line as we approached on snowshoes. Getting a little closer you could make out a platoon Bivouac site.

Trevor Falls is the Operations Warrant Officer for the regiment. He explained what had started out to as a exercise which should have included the “big guns” their C3 105mm Howitzers was downsized because of COVID to an infantry only exercise.

Troops were in the process of trying to make some food when they welcomed us inside their “perimeter”. Time spent talking with the troops revealed a few things.

– They were happy it wasn’t -25 although would have done it just the same if it was.
– They come from all walks of life including other branches of the military.
– They are dedicated to serving their country and enjoy participating in exercises which put what they learn on paper, into real life scenarios.

They will continue protecting their camp for the remainder of the weekend, however tomorrow’s exercises will be at Pointe Des Chenes.

Saultonline would like to thank the regiment for allowing us a closer look at the training which goes on for Canadian troops.

*an earlier copy of this story had said the unit also has the M777 lighter towed howitzers, it in fact does not, we apologize for any confusion. 


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