Fire Snarls Traffic in Iron Bridge


A fire has snarled traffic in Iron Bridge.

Reports are the Plaid Pig grocery store is currently burning, but now under control. Traffic is getting through slowly.

Video from the scene courtesy : Ellisa Holgate-Grant

A reliable source and friend of Superior Media shared the following with reporter Lynne Brown:

“The building that is still on fire as we speak is an old old building – it was a grocery store as long as I can remember ~ Wedgewoods, Fernall’s, McDonald’s. What happened is absolutely tragic.”

The present owners and  family all lived above the grocery store.

The family and grandfather are all safe tonight. It is unclear at this time if all of the families 4 children (3 boys and 1 girl) were inside at the time. The fire which “started at 3 or 3:30 today is still burning now. (7 pm Sunday) They lost everything in the fire.”

“Thankfully they are all accounted for and are safe”, according to the friend of Superior Media. “Everyone is ok – her (Courtney’s) dad was there but he’s out.”

Justin and Courtney Verhey are the grocery stores’ most recent owners and they have tragically lost everything in the fire. A GoFundMe  has just been started here.