Island Branch: don’t bank on it

Northern Credit Richard's Landing Branch

Northern Credit Union announced yesterday that they will be closing seven of their branches and consolidating them into other locations.  One of the branches affected is the Richard’s Landing branch.

With this closure, the closest branches located to the Island are 45 minutes east or west on Highway 17 to Thessalon or Sault Ste. Marie.

This branch accommodates dozens of seniors who are more comfortable going into the bank to pay their bills and do their banking.  Online or telephone banking is not a suitable substitute for the needs of many locals who are used to having this physical branch in Richard’s Landing.

The bank is a short distance from the Trefry centre’s seniors home, and many residents can walk to access their banking.

Many, if not all businesses on the island use the Richard’s Landing branch to bank.  The effect this will have on the community is still being determined.

Islanders are used to having to travel off island for many services, now with banking on that list adds another layer of isolation.

SaultOnline has reached out to Northern Credit Union to see exactly how many customers and employees this will affect and we are awaiting a response.


  1. The closure will affect businesses in the landing as customers who come to the bank will now go elsewhere. As a manager of a business we will have to go elsewhere for deposits or coin. there will also not be an ATM close for the boaters or customers so they will go elsewhere.I know a lot of Americans also used the indoor bank services. This is not customer service! profit before service. I enjoyed going in to talk to the tellers. i will be removing my accounts as soon as I decide on another bank and can get my monthly payments and deposits transferred.I am sure most people will as they are very disappointed.I hope another bank will replace the NCU I am sorry for the current employees also loosing their job.

  2. What happened to Customer Service ? Is a little profit left by itself ? All Credit unions began on Customer Service—Apparently not with Northern Credit Union ! What happens to 1200 Customers does not matter with them.

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