March honours lost sisters

Ribbons placed in honour of MMIWG2S+, the march was held Feb. 14, 2021. ( Facebook )

On February 14th 2021, the 15th annual local Memorial March for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and 2 Spirit (MMIWG2s+) took place virtually this year in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. This event is for people of the community to gather together and honor the lives of the many MMIWG2S+ people, and support the families of those affected.

Indigenous people make up 4% of Canadian population, yet Indigenous women account for 16% of the number of national murders.

Local volunteers spent the days prior to the march lining Queen street with traditional coloured ribbons: yellow, red, black and white.  These colours represent many things in Indigenous teachings, in this case, it is meant to signal balance in community healing.

“The ribbons are a way to have the community pause and reflect, to say that we are still here,” was a quote from the video posted to social media. The display of ribbons leads the way to the visual art display at 180 Gore Street, where a number of artists have contributed to filling the street windows with art honouring MMIWG2S+.

This colourful takeover of downtown will continue until March 9 2021, on the International Day of Women.

The MMIWG2S+SSM 2021 Video will included messages from community leaders and impacted families. It was broadcast on ONNTV and SaultOnline on Sunday February 14, 2021 at 12 pm.


*Article edited, previously stated that the march took place along Queen Street. This year all events took place virtually to adhere to COVID guidelines.