Mayor, police say they will investigate violent arrest filmed in Barrie, Ont.


Editor’s Note: Despite editing the original video taken by a witness to this incident, where our production team “bleeped out” inappropriate language as well as added graphic content warning, YouTube has removed the video claiming a “Policy Violation”.

BARRIE, Ont. — The mayor and police in Barrie, Ont., say they will investigate the arrest of a man on a downtown street caught on video.

In the video, the officer is seen struggling with the man on the ground, and holds what appears to be a stun gun to his shoulder, threatening to “light (him) up.”

The officer then hits the man on the head with the bright yellow device.

The cellphone video, shot by a bystander, ends after a second police officer arrives and helps flip the man on his stomach to be handcuffed.

Mayor Jeff Lehman tweeted on Thursday night he had seen the video, which was posted on social media, and that it will be investigated.

Lehman says there will be full accountability.

Barrie police also tweeted about the video, saying they will provide further comment once details are confirmed.


  1. This is DISGUSTING and unacceptable. I am pretty sure it was an arbitrary arrest. Police in Canada and US often exceeds their power unfortunately instead of defending the public they treating people like in Eretria or Iran. They didn’t even tell the reason for this arrest. Witnesses were saying that this person was just riding skateboard. It’s DISGUSTING.

  2. Once again, the entire lead-up to the arrest is conveniently left out.
    All too often when the full event is released it tells a very different story, but by that time the lynch mob has done it’s damage.
    Time to burn down some cities again before we know all the details.

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