Ontario allows pet groomers to reopen for some appointment-only services


TORONTO — Ontario says it is updating its pandemic regulations to allow pet groomers to reopen for certain services.

The Solicitor General’s office says groomers can reopen to provide services necessary to prevent “foreseeable and reasonably imminent” veterinary care.

Groomers can also provide services if an order has been issued to a pet owner under the province’s animal welfare act.

The services must be by appointment-only, through curbside pickup, and groomers are only permitted to take one animal at a time.

Pet grooming businesses were ordered closed when a provincial lockdown took effect in late December.

The province had said, however, that pet grooming was allowed when required for an animal’s health and said a vet could provide those services.

The Greater Toronto and Hamilton-area mayors and chairs had asked the government to clarify the rules.