Ontario warns health-care providers of counterfeit N95 masks sent from its stockpile

N95 Masks

TORONTO — Ontario says it has discovered that it unknowingly obtained and distributed counterfeit N95 masks to health-care providers.

The province could not immediately say how many of the counterfeit 3M masks it acquired for its stockpile, or how many were given to health-care workers.

The Ministry of Health notified health-care providers of the masks today and asked them to search their supply for the equipment by product number.

The government says it has launched an investigation into the matter and is reviewing its entire stock to find the counterfeit product.

The president of 3M Canada says the company has been receiving reports of fraud related to its product from across the country.

Penny Wise says the company recently helped Ontario and other provincial authorities confirm that N95 masks it purchased from a distributor with no relation to the company are fake.