Saultite’s photo gets featured on NASA’s Instagram

Robert Breckenridge
Photo by Robert Breckenridge: "It's pretty cool that NASA used my photograph for one of their videos. It's also the main picture for the video that they just posted. They didn't tag me or anything, I damn near died when I saw it though."

Sault Ste Marie and the surrounding areas are a great destination for outdoor adventures as well as photography of its beautiful landscapes. 43-year-old Robert Breckenridge’s photograph was recently featured on the Instagram page of NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration).


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@nasa used one of my photos in one of their videos. I’m quite honoured even if they got my name totally wrong.

A photographer by passion, Breckenridge is extremely happy and could not believe himself when he saw his photo on NASA’s social media and used as a thumbnail as well. He had posted this photograph on photo sharing platform flickr from where NASA picked it up. Although they misspelt his first name in the video but Breckenridge says, “It doesn’t bother me, I am extremely happy because NASA has access to hundreds and millions of pictures, but they took mine.”

The picture that got featured was taken by him a couple of years ago and portrays the planet Venus, which he captured from Gros Cap.

Breckenridge has been doing photography from past seven years and night photography for about five years with his Canon 6D. He suffered a heart attack last year and got a lot more involved in photography which he believes is a stress buster for him.

Another one of his pictures – the beautiful Northern Lights taken few days ago, also on Gros Cap was featured on the official page of Sault Ste. Marie both on Instagram and Facebook.

Upon asking about seeing the Northern Lights with the naked eyes he responded, “You really have to adjust your eyes in the dark and when they are strong you will see a white golden light. The green shades as mostly captured on camera here.” It took him one and a half hours over the Gros Cap bluffs to get the beautiful capture of the auroras.

“I hiked over the bluffs just after midnight to try and capture the Northern Lights as the KP average was spiking. It was extremely difficult to keep the camera steady in 60-70km winds. My fingers froze instantly when I had to take off my glove to make adjustments to the camera. I sat there for over an hour just listening and watching. The waves of ice were huge and loud. One of my best and most rewarding night experiences at Gros Cap ever. It was also clear enough to see the Andromeda Galaxy. It is the smudged looking large spot on the left side of the images.”

To look at more beautiful pictures of Sault Ste. Marie and surrounding areas on Breckenridge’s Instagram page or on flickr.


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