School Counsellors Continue to Support Students through a Global Pandemic


OTTAWA (February 1, 2021) – This week, February 1 to 5, marks the 7th annual Canadian School Counselling Week in which we recognize the school counselling profession in provinces and territories across Canada. School counsellors support the personal, social, educational, and career development of students through programming and counselling services and are instrumental in supporting the mental health and well-being of students at all grade levels.

The COVID-19 pandemic has posed added challenges for students and the school counsellors who support them. School counsellors provide students with the support, consistency and predictability that are essential to help students navigate these times of stress and uncertainty.

“The scope of practice has always been extensive for school counsellors in Canada, but it is especially vital during these uncertain times amidst a global pandemic,” said Dr. Janice Graham-Migel, President of the CCPA School Counsellors Chapter. “Through multi-tiered systems of support, school counsellors assist in the provision of coordinated supports for students’ educational, behavioral, social-emotional, and mental health needs. With the implementation of remote learning and tele-counselling in many school communities, school counsellors are key in the transition to this rapidly changing learning and counselling environment.”

Educational planning and career development are important when supporting students with life-planning, goal-planning, and transitioning to new labour and employment realities in Canada.

“Career development is an essential component of a school’s Comprehensive School Counselling Program and Practice,” said Dr. Graham-Migel. “Assisting students with their long-range goals and preparation for post-secondary education and careers continues to be significant in a school counsellor’s scope of practice.”

The goal of Canadian School Counselling Week is to increase the public’s awareness of the programs and services that characterize the school counselling profession in Canada.

“CCPA is proud to be involved with this initiative,” said Dr. Jenny Rowett, CCPA President, “We want to highlight the role that this profession plays in overall student success. At such a crucial time in a Canadian’s life when many choices are to be made, support by a school counsellor is paramount in their decision-making process. We hope to build a sense of national identity within this profession, and recognize the contribution of school counsellors across the country.”

Canadian School Counselling Week is a collaborative effort by CCPA, School Counsellors Chapter, and the regional school counselling associations and Ministries/Departments of Education in each province and territory. To join the conversation on Twitter, follow @CCPA_ACCP and use #CSCW and #SCCS. For more information, please visit the School Counsellors Chapter website at