Seniors Calling ~ In Pursuit of Trivia


The Kiwanis Club of Lakeshore, and Kiwanis Clubs around the world are having to adapt to the current state of affairs ~ the reality of engaging with community in the time of Covid-19. As we roll along into 2021, an entire year has passed since the walls started closing in, and the true nature of the Covid-19 virus forced unprecedented public health measures to be put into place.

That posed the challenge of our lifetime – How do we stay plugged in and engaged with each other. How do organizations like Kiwanis continue the valuable work they do within each of their communities.

Enter Kiwanis Club of Lakeshore Virtual Trivia Night ~ A successful event hosted monthly over Zoom. Immediate Past President, and Chair of Fundraising Committee Dave Shier spoke with Seniors Calling host, Lynne Brown about Virtual Trivia Night.

Shier explains what the “Kahoot!” trivia platform is all about in our interview. The Club found this platform to be the best ‘virtual vehicle’ to run the game. Kahoot! supports the hosting of live games, with remote players. Shier recommends that a person download the Kahoot app on their device in advance and explore how it works.

A person will need one of the following: a laptop/desktop computer/tablet, where you will log into Zoom to hear the hosts and view the questions.

When a couple, family or friends play together, only one person needs to have the Zoom Webinar setup as well as a smartphone to use Kahoot!. The Kahoot! App is free to download.

During Kiwanis Virtual Trivia Night, people will play individually. Each person will have purchased a $10.00 ticket in advance through the Kiwanis Club of Lakeshore via Eventbrite.

The How-To for Virtual Trivia Night
  • Purchase your ticket.
  • Register for the Zoom Webinar using your same email address. You’ll get the link to register when you buy your ticket.
  • Download the Kahoot app on your phone in advance and play some free rounds to learn how the app works.
  •  On the night of the event, log in to the Zoom Webinar on your laptop/tablet and bring up Kahoot on your phone. The host will share their screen, so you can view the trivia questions via Zoom and answer via the app on your phone.
10 Rounds. 60 Questions. Top 3 win cash prizes.

Subscribe to the Kiwanis Club of Lakeshore Facebook page to receive advance notifications and reminders of upcoming Trivia Nights, updates and Kiwanis content.

Questions are timed, so there really isn’t a lot of time to Google the answer. The faster a person answers the question, the more points are accumulated for that individual.

If you’re a social media navigator, the following hashtags will help you find links to the work of Kiwanis around the world. #KidsNeedKiwanis  #KiwanisNeedsYou

Currently, Kiwanis Club of Lakeshore is offering Trivia Night once a month. The next one is on March 11, 2021.

Meet y’all on Zoom Thursday evening, March 11th ~ Virtual Trivia Night or bust.